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For the sake of saving the 20th Century from major oblivion, Abson has travelled on multiple continents at the pursuit of Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte. He has visited most of the main important museums at the quest to understand art; he has attempted to solve the pyramids mysteries when he was travelling in Egypt. A graphic artist himself, he has exhibited his works on five continents, and was a published poet. He collaborated with Nike in Singapore; and is a political activist; he was formed as an activist by ActingForPeace, an association with great peaceful intentions in Belgium, Acting For Peace worked in tandem with ICAN through its anti-nukes movement, Acting for Peace celebrated ICAN when ICAN and its allies branches won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. Some of the fields of research Abson has studied were : Magic and illusionism. Mentalism. Hypnotism. Dee-jay, rhythms and music. Voice-theory. Mass-control. Art performances. Clowns. Noh theater. Asian culture. Improvisation. - In NYC, he met with a stylist of Jay-z and Kanye West; and she and Abson worked together to alter Abson's understanding of the future of the art world during this evolving 21st century.

Abson under the pen name of Kazu Livingstone, was an international Belgian/Malaysian artist who has exhibited in Europe, North America, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. He had collaborated with Nike, and Kult magazine. Exhibited at group exhibitions in the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, Espace Cardin in Paris, and the Museum of Odessa, Ukraine during the war. One of his artwork was published on the website of Le Figaro. He has made flyers and posters for different events, including making a poster campaign for a movie festival at the The Texas Theater, which gained historical fame in 1963, for being the place where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. He has collaborated with numerous artists around the world. He had worked with American hip-hop/rap artists such as Yung Nation, Yarrow Slaps, Enon Phenomenon, Crash Barbosa etc. He's made videos for Belgians hip-hop artist Captain Frakas and Frigolity, and he is starting a project of Hip-hop music himself. He was invited to present his video-portfolio to the Behance Reviews Portfolios (Penang) as an invited speaker. He was also a poet; he had been published in an American poetry anthology, and was named as its favorite poet/poem by a literary critic in a Texan newspaper. He is also a slam poet of his own, performing in front of poetic crowds in Brussels. He was selected for the first round of the project Aloft Star by Universal music for his song Le Petit Rat. 

Through Slam poetry events he rose to professional poetry with famous poems such as The king of rats on Belgian radio and in front of the public of Theatre de la Vie, and public scenes around Brussels. He performs on scene a solo show of Slam poetry named LA REVOLUTION INVISIBLE where through philosophy and sociology, as a spiritual critic he criticised capitalism, religions. Spoke about feminism, technology, the Enlightenment.

I'm a graphic activist that exhibited my works during the war in Ukraine, helped activists in Texas for the legalisation of marijuana, with posters around the world with political artworks, I exhibited with Nike football at the museum of Artscience in Singapore. I'm also a Slam poet of my own, I am at the radio of the university of Belgium, for six month I defended a prose with a political point of view on airwaves. I speak about political issues in theatres and the scenes of poetry in Belgium. I make loads of stickers. New ideas. I also am part of Acting for peace (BE), as an activist. I travelled alone to Egypt. With activists in Israel and Palestine. I also am a vocal artist that it be in spoken words or hip-hop. My goal as a graphic activist is to bring my understanding of revolution, my pragmatic ideal to make (y)our best ideas possible. Please let me know what I can do for you.

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Daily Deviation ( 2x
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Artist Talks

• Behance Reviews Portoflios Penang - Malaysia 2014
I presented a video-portfolio


• - Editors' Picks: Miles Davis' Contest (2013)

Facebook Features

• WWF Singapore • Tokyo Fashion • Behance Philippines • Urban-muse • Digital art • Political art • Le Lavomatic • Thvndermag • Geekness • Draw for a Cause • Graphcore Malaysia • Glitch Artists Collective • Vector X Vexel PH • Japanese movie dojo • The Modern & Contemporary Art • Ancient Metaphysics - Resurrection • Etc.

Group Exhibitions

• Exuberant Politics - 2014 - USA • Noches Discordianas Vol. 6, 2014, Argentina With a glitch-art piece • Nike Hypersense X Kult Magazine, 2014, Singapore ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands •8, by 2nd Floor and Superfriends, 2014, Malaysia University Science Malaysia • Stop Censorship, 2014, Kiev, Ukraine • Odessa Draw - Ukraine 2013 Museum of Odessa The theme of the exhibition was "The best vector artists in the world" • Kult 3D X Urbanscapes 2013 - Malaysia • Artaq Mythiq 27 - France, 2012 • Heavy Hitters 2012 - USA • Beautiful Junk 2012 - Malaysia • Scandalous Vandals - USA 2012 • Artaq Paris - (Espace Cardin) 2012


• No Cure Magazine 4 (printed)
• Ink & Arrows Issue 5 - (printed)
• (printed)


• No Cure Magazine (Australia) - June 2014
• Nike Hypersense X Kult Magazine (SG) - 2014
• Ink & Arrows Issue 5 (USA) - 2013
• Catapult Art Mag vol 11 (USA) - July 1st, 2012
• Millardboutique vol - 1 to 4 & 7 (USA) - 2011
• DisColouring Book vol 6 (UK) - June 2013
• Published Enemy Archives vol 2 - May 2014
With vector-glitch-art pieces


• Vancouver Vector (USA) - September 2013 - (Interview)

• The Plainsman Press - Texas (USA) - excerpt of a poem 2013

Poetry anthologies

• 'Skeletons' Anthology - 5 poems - (USA) - 2013

Poetry features

• (excerpt of a poem)

Recording artists I worked with

• Yung Nation
• Yarrow Slaps
• Enon Phenomenon
• Crash Barbosa
• Allen Kass
• The Effinays
• DJ M-Squared

TV features

• ATB Odessa - Ukraine - 2013
• Громадське ТБ - Ukraine (Kiev) 2014

Artboy: Welcome


I exhibited at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore. For Nike Football.

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Artboy's fate is amazing, his path is incredible, and his life is worthy of the film adaptation. A poet. A philosopher, the last romanticist, a knight of light. An artist. An Invisible Man and Mr. Nobody. - Ludmila Ludmikova

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