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New political ways of protests - Artboy Invisible.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

I attempt to reform ways of protests for more creativity, and that revolts would be more convincing for the public. As a participant activist we stopped the highway where Donald Trump's convoy was leading to the new NATO center in Brussels, surrounded by six dozens policemen. In London, with Acting for Peace, WRI, and Extinction Rebellion we attempted to stop the convoy of superweapons brought to the DSEI convention where multi-nationals gather stocks of weapons to sell to other nations. I participated to the events of Extinction Rebellion in October 2019 in London during the ecological crisis through Slam poetry, met with leaders of the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ), performed on a stage where Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, spoke just a few moments before. Since then, he has been administrator of Extinction Rebellion Artists Belgium, and released an official video posted on Extinction Rebellion Belgium. 

I followed the formation for Spokesperson at XR Belgium, and thru COP26, I spoke to chief Extinction Rebellion members in RDC (Congo), and we spoke about the ecological difficulties of our times. I designed a logo projected on the BBC (Scottland) for World Water Day (WWD) thru XR Global, used as well as cover to WWD event, to the official video Youtube page, posted on their official XR Global outlets.

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International Activism

Illustrative works since 2010. Countless exhibits. - Nike - Hypebeast. We worked for the legalization of Marijuana in Texas. Exhibited in Ukraine. ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

‘Impossible is nothing’, to work inside, to create outside of the structures. ‘Just do it’, you can set your mind to a perfect comprehension of art and poetry. You can use your left and right brains, combine them. Make the best outcomes. Make an income from Nothing. Tell the Truth. Freedom rings as a perfect calling. Go places outside from the maps. And join the invisible realm of ideas & conceptions. Perfect your mind and your arts. Work on yourself. Your heart is your personal artwork.

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I’m an infographic artist and poet. I voyaged to Egypt, Israel and Palestine. I performed Slam poetry in NYC, and with extinction rebellion in front of the Ministry of Defence and Stanley Johnson. I exhibited my works with Nike in the ArtScience museum in Singapore. I made flyers and posters around Texas for the legalisation of marijuana. I lived 17 years in Asia. I was on radio campus for 6 month reading political prose. Jean Baudrillard influenced me a lot. I performed Slam poetry in Belgium. I have visited the tombs of Shakespeare, the ashes of Tesla, Mesmer, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Harry Houdini, Nietzsche, Tuthankamen, Dali in Spain, King David, Abshalom, Shah of Iran, I was published in an anthology of poetry with 30 poets in America. Favourite by Texan newspaper. I created a walking museum in Hong Kong. Shared on Rap Belge and Rap generation 2020. The website of the Figaro. Hype beast. Exhibited in Ukraine, America, Australian magazines, Argentina with digital art, Kult magazine in Singapore, France with Artaq festival in Angers, Espace Pierre Cardin with Artaq, Worked with activists at Extinction Rebellion. Selected for the first round of Aloft Star judged by Universal music.  

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In Hong Kong, to work with the Umbrella revolutionaries was complex. The power of money, the culture of art and corporate stock market influx. Since a few years, Hong Kong has been become the capital of sponsored and corporate Art in the world. The federal reserve and the gold standard. Our goal as activists was to print everything. To prove the flatness of our world and economy. Never forget. You can print everything. Including all the bills in the world. That's the value you have for it. You can invent new forms of bitcoins or just use your printer. A piece of art is a dollar bill in the making.

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Thank you to Xr-peace to let me sign me up for this. Performing poetry in front of The Ministry of Defence in London was an unexpected childhood dream. To be able to bring my dad who was in the Malaysian military, to potential tears, was much fun. I appreciated to be able to make a portrait of poetry about poverty, about the kingdom of rats, about ending NATO, about James Bond, which I really enjoyed mocking truthfully, one hundred meter from the new Scotland yard. In front of policemen flabbergasted, enjoying it, also I would like to thank the MP from parliament who was there and strongly saluted me for my bravery. Thanks to England to be perhaps the last of all civilisations.  I was called on the stage to perform Slam, whilst Stanley Johnson, the father of Boris Johnson (Prime-Minister of the time - Brexit), was leaving himself the stage and interviewed after a talk where he spoke about ecology, and endorsed Extinction Rebellion.

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I'm working for Extinction Rebellion in Belgium, at Basecamp, we elaborated new tactics.  We worked with Deep Fk - to enhance the political climate emergency discourse of Belgian Prime Minister Sophie W. to make

her say things she would not have said : the ecological challenges we're actually facing as a civilised Europe, during the Corona virus outbreak. The operation was on national media. I worked with XR Global, my logo was projected on BBC Glasgow, my music video was official on Extinction Rebellion Belgium Facebook page 19K followers. 

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Revolt: Photo Gallery
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Artboy aka La Révolution Invisible.


Posted stickers in front of the house of Pablo Picasso - Salvador Dali - Rene Magritte - Vincent Van Gogh - in New York in Tribeca in front of the apartment of Jay-Z and Beyonce, did street protests at the 911 memorial in front of the studio of Fox News and in the Bronx, in Egypt used the peaceful iconographies of Magritte to promote peace, in London invented new technics of infinite trompe l'ceil without using photoshops. Acted against the Illuminati and the Skull and Bones 322 in Brussels. In Hong Kong printed for a few thousands of dollars worth of protest signs actualised for the 21st century. Met and spoke to Romeo Elvis in Brussels, and the next day made a small campaign of stickers around town with a portrait that Artboy had drawn that night.



As an activist, my will and my imagination can change the world. IN APRIL 2019, Artboy travelled to Israel - Palestine, in the cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, West Bank, Jericho, Naplous, Ramallah, Bethlehem where I studied how in zones of conflicts we could attempt to use our artskills for better project of street-art campaigns to attempt to replace deadly weapons, by mind-shifting images that could reshape our means for wars for means for peace. Throughout art we will lead through victory. I've made a sticker campaign in Israel and Palestine. In Bethlehem, in front of the Banksy museum in Palestine, the wailing wall.  I performed poetry in Jerusalem at the Cinema hotel in center Jerusalem.


I participated to the ICAN movement, which won the Nobel prize of peace in 2017. I started to make the cover photo for the Facebook account of ICAN in America through internet and a poster for the movement in Belgium. We did extensive stickers campaign and flyers delivery.



I'm a graphic activist that exhibited my works during the war in Ukraine, helped activists in Texas for the legalisation of marijuana, with posters around the world with political artworks, I exhibited with Nike football at the museum of Artscience in Singapore. I'm also a Slam poet of my own, I am at the radio of the university of Belgium, for six month I defended a prose with a political point of view on airwaves. I speak about political issues in theatres and the scenes of poetry in Belgium. I make loads of stickers. New ideas. I was also part of Acting for peace (BE), as an activist. I travelled alone to Egypt. With activists in Israel and Palestine. I also am a vocal artist that it be in spoken words or hip-hop. My goal as a graphic activist is to bring my understanding of revolution, my pragmatic ideal to make (y)our best ideas possible.


I designed for free multiple campaigns of posters and flyers for the legalisation of Marijuana in Texas, and participated with posters in important strategic places, such as the theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot by Jack Ruby.



Project subsidies within the sector, however, will be cut by 60% from €8.5 to €3.4 million. Project subsidies involve funding of specific initiatives in theatre, music and arts centres across Flanders and Brussels, as well as grants for individuals to realise a project. We collaborated with State of the Arts for a music video speaking of the artists of the 21st Century. They even shared it. I performed poetry defending the artists on Radio and television before that Belgian subsidies started to diminish drastically. 


XR Republic Democratic of CONGO

XR RDC Full transcript.


There are 12 to 15 XR groups in Congo. About 8 members/group. In some 5. There are 3 XR groups lead by pigmies. Each group is autonomous due to distances. 


Two Congolese petroleum societies  seem to pollute more than expected and fishes are dying at risk of oil spills. #Socir and #Perenci (around Moanda.)


Needs: Discourage deforestation. Water. Many trees are cut to build wooden houses. But these trees are not replanted. #Crisis. 

The idea was, in Kenge at the West of RDC,  which is a green reserve of natural forests, for XR to push for reforestation. If we can help, some (big) villages need pipes for the water. In many places, individuals need to walk 5 km in order to carry the drinkable water, also all laundries need to be carried there and brought back.


Each XR group, communicates mainly on FB/ Perhaps a need for better platforms of communications.


Following the death of the Italian Ambassador in Kivu. The ecological crises, and mineral extracts, members in Congo, unlike in European countries, push to sacrifice. 


Lack of public and international funds for more actions. RDC. The economy in RDC needs a lift, in order to become an ecological territory. Lack of money, and international products from Europe, stops the Congolese enterprises to flourish. A richer economy.


Communications through XR members are difficult.

Due to non-existing WIFI in the country. Only data cards.


What I learned from talking to Didy Kyassa in Matadi Congo.


Shortage of water in Matadi and many remote places. Some places are inaccessible in cars. Only motorbikes can reach some places. Lack of responsibility. The need of sensitization. The perception of ecology in Congo is none. Only the rich and politicians use airplanes. Garbages are thrown in rivers  or in dug holes in the ground. Trains and railways are in absolute need.  In Kinshasa, only two trains a day circulate. No recycling yet. We talked about the Coltan mines in the East Congo where Rwandese military and Uganda's army use forces to control the East region. 


In the second call, we talked about the Grand Inga project situated at the Livingstone falls, where my Belgian Grand-father worked hard as an engineer, to build the biggest dam in the world, that would have generated energy according to some estimates, 

for half of Africa. Sadly Lumumba, Che, and David Rockefeller ended partly the project. Forbes magazine published in 2018, that a firm in China and one in Spain wanted to invest 13,9 B. 

Dollars for the project. 

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