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Welcome to a Technocratic society. 9..55 PM. The sky is cloudy tonight. The wolves are sleeping. The full moon in the sky. The blue clouds, the purple rain, the darkness of cyborgs, can you imagine ! - Poets were fighting cyborgs with sharpness of words, with blades of rhymes, controversial ideas, with deepening philosophy. In this 21st Century, Artists were on the battlefield, painting images with the paintbrush, Flower Power 106.5FM; of the imaginative spirituality of creativity. In this 21ST CEntury, we will invent new religions. Artists and poets were revolutionaries, fighting cyborgs in the year 2068. Artists were finally the utmost form of rebellion.


Big Brother is watching you. From your phone to your TV set. Everywhere has a cam and a phone filming you. No privacy. No more liberty. Just control-freaks spying how to control your thoughts. Selling you stuffs you don't need. Giving you a false hope and a false identity. Control yourself in order to gain points, and perhaps you too one day, you'll be part of an intellectual elite that can control others feelings, if you can control others feelings, you win ! You'll become a star, you'll be able to become a control-freak of others emotions. Emotional-intelligence will be rewarded. Be proud. You might be loved by big-brother, because you have a nice smile, pretty hair, etc. But show me the shape of your heart. Show me the shape of your revolt ! Revolt can be a form of intelligence. Moreover if you record it and if you bring shapes to your revolutionary ideals.



I lived, I attempted to become a better artist. I wanted to be a poet. To travel, to smile, to be free. If you want to be free, if you venerate freedom of expression, if you're free and if self-expression is your only model-of-existence, please join us. We're out of this Platonic cavern, struggle with us, coz we're running free.


I do not see any difference between Marxism, Fascism, White suprematism, Black suprematism, or Islamic fundamentalism. These are all tools of tyranny. Change my mind, never-mind !


Americans have culturally appropriated Marxism, there are rich kids who are not willing to work, just enjoying sex and taking drugs, with a dream of not working ever-anymore, and being artists of some sorts, by posting memes on Facebook, being full-time on internet, being an influencer of social values, and of welfare equality, receiving money from the government. Marxism is not about that. It's about working as a community around a cult or a culture. We will be wearing the same exact outfits as the centralised 1984-government spies on us, watching our every move, controlling what information we could communicate to others strictly, repressing what we can or can't say in order not to end-up cancelled by the thought-police, ending-up in jail for speaking our truth under censorship rules. - We're loosing our freedom of speech under the Ministry of Truth, because the truth will not be tolerated any longer, if the word 'peace' is used as a tool of tyranny.


I seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, Uranus is burning. Venus 2069. Zeus, there is no escape, Olympians need to get to go back to their Utopian paradise, gods of gravity on Pluton's horizon, Athena, bring the Moloch of mountains on your shoulder, carry the world Enoch, we need you, Atlas shrugged, the death of Ayn Rand. Jupiter brawls against the inception of the Hades of reality, creating a new deception, the illusionary Mars of the real, a new matrix of Poseidon of worlds, an Ionic map, the Helios discovery the Chronos of the atmosphere, Icarus, understand your weight on Olympus, Janus rule yourself, Mercury will rise again. Eyelids of the sexy.

Modern buildings, the world of cyborgs. Wars in screenshots, movies, Netflix, Hollywood is burning, Instagram of zombies, John Lennon, bitches of plague, new Jesus, American psychological destruction, mankind is a monster, race, racism and Hong Kong is empty. Wars in Africa. Egyptian renaissance, fake cyber-nation, the end, the god is a machine of light, gravity's rainbow, golden doors and androgens of magic, the illusion of dreamers falling from the television, images deformation of hearts. Fake people. Fake religions. F16. Destruction of words, of grammar, of kindness, Venus is burning. 

United Colors of revolution. WAP. We don't believe in death. Destruction of the project MK ultra. Apocalypse 2091. Neo-Maoists. India riots. The nation of United Emirates. St John the Baptists. 911. Call for help. Window 95. Anti-virus. Youtube is dead. United nations. Grand Theft auto. Circular harmony of Chinese totalitarian red square. Death to the firing squad. Orange sky. Burning Hollywood. Last iceberg melting. Sun rays piercing walls. Last poet. Weapons. Binary death of our spare spies. The Wolf is in the church. Feel the power of the wind, to the core, become one, meshed into a Mandelbrot of dimensions, colours of the rainbows, changing itself - in the perpetual binary code. If you think there is nothing after death the only reason to be alive is terrestrial power. We remained united after death. A polluted city of the evil. As a new vision on religion. Newscasters are dead. Without spirituality. Without understanding karma and animism. Golden window. Towers of the City of Gold. Invisible hands. Poets. Creating new-languages. Cultural walls. Mirrors for Picasso. Painters of the post-modern era of the Absurdist theatre of the burden of personal virtual insanity, I care about our Earth. I do not search for life in other galaxies. The madness of PTSD soldiers in the new Vietnam of 2089, protestors screaming, Reincarnation is such the fight for recycled ecology. The nature of the spirit. Arlington road, forever script go Hollywood, students are burning the red flags, scripts are exploding. Consciousness lives. In perpetual reincarnation revolutions. Always alive. I don't care about the cosmos — CNN is dead. Waterfalls of cobbles of information, medicine, fake solution, Ants, the seclusion of a white screen, red ants eating tv cables, tarantulas invasion of Florida, beehives crept right wings, drugs, and plutocracy, sheeple we've lost contact with our satellite. Earth. Aliens hiding behind the Moon. Tv. Perpetual revolution. Marxism 2021. New Century of the theory of chaos. The sun is down! Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Mayday. Boom; The helicopter. Shiva, Ganesha; Hiroshima, Nagazaki.


I'm having a spiritual Awakening. 

I did not sleep nor eat for XIII days.


Today. There will be light!

I am the King of Vanity.

Citizen! If you want to survive in society: 

Fake to believe in your own propaganda.


Truth cannot be really defined with words! 

If we want to be successful in life we need

to choose a certain perspective to present it.

Let this perspective correspond to your public.

“I rescue rats from the sewer I bring them Home.”


For the love of gloves.

To me the homeless

is as divine as dirty.

You are all brats.

I am watching you.


This revolution will be civilised.

You are the ultimate proselytes. 

There are billions such like you. 

Rats of the world, Today Unite.


The revolt for all rats 

has begun! Let it be!


Abolish poverties!

Forever, it’s Over.

Love what you eat.

Please. Thank you. 


Brats. Y’all are rats.

You’re just a brat.

You dirty little brat.


Dear rats without gloves.

Rebel against all gods.

Rebel against all odds.

Rebel against Aristocracy.

Rebel against all kings.

Rebel against all forms of 

Society. Darling it’s Over.


They’re just young brats.

They are watching you.






It’s Over.


Our governments 

are rats. It’s Over.

Unlock all cages.

Darling, it’s Over.


Dear friends from all races.

Dear first council of all rats. 

It is my honour to accept

this Crown of thorns. Yes.

Our new empire will never fall.

We've got no borders nor walls.


No walls.

No borders. 

No nations.

No gender.


No trees.

No animals. 

No clouds.


No wars. 

No Peace.

No Freedom. 

No Slavery.

No Ignorance. 

No strength.


No Xanax.:

No drugs.

No wisdom.:

No grammar.

Nor supervision.

No Presidents.:


No United Nations.


No Capitalism.

No Marxism.

No free-market.

No Vultures.

No Edge-funds.

No bribes. 

No prejudice.

No Poor.

No Money-Makers.

No Rats. No Brats.


We are all rats. Brats!

We are watching you.


This revolution has been civilised.

We were the ultimate proselytes. 

There are billions such like you. 

Rats of the worlds, Slow-down.


For one thousand nights only. 

Here is your kingdom of Vanity.

Dear brats, here is your epilogue!


What is important in all forms 

of arts. That it be Visual,

Written - Cinematographic -

It is that it has to truly have 

A sharp edge, an incisive plot,

a constructive ending. 

A tragedy at the beginning. 

Bright and slowly delighting

have to be the characters. 

A narrator of plenty orators.

Saviours and treasures of minds 

and hearts fascinated

by the story that leads them 

to the end. The End. Amen.


Sincerely yours,

The Invisible.


Those who control us control the newspapers. Control Europe Control the airwaves of the Nations. Fusion, the world order, Davos. The economists, the Federal Reserve, the new Nixons, the new Reagan Reagan, the new man, and the LGBT rainbow. Cyberpunk 2084, the thought controllers. Surveillance capitalism, 1984 in France. The color revolution had begun. George, the Bank of England, fell. And then Asia. Since 1997, all stock market crashes. George is the new Che Guevara of the Marxist empire. When Barrack came to his feet. Barrack asked him for all the money to win. In 2004, Barrack cried out for an undivided United State. Praise for globalism. There will be no more borders. The speaker in front of a crowd in ovation without knowing what his ideas were. Obama the revolutionary of color, the president with the face of the United Nations. He didn't care about the White House, he wanted to repaint it, sell its he wanted to repaint it, sell its heritage, and deconstruct its past, he tore up the bills of white presidents with a long history of colonizing racism, in still dark countries. There will be no more borders, had fomented the world order. There are people who have more influence on this world, than the royal Bohemian roots who fomented the world war. Masons built nations, these people of influence will never be elected. The rights of white people will disappear at the end of the night. The Richards, the Bill Gates, have created a disease. But we need their vaccines, even if the the electoral college hadn't cheated. Even if Epstein would still be alive. Even if the church of Satan were not part of our democracy. The cultural revolution has begun. The decadence of a burning Europe. Woodstock of 2069. #CaptainEurope. The Artboy 21st CE. The Ministry of Truth. You say you are unique. How to be unique when you are black or white. You might as well create your own nation, your own camp, your own religion his own religion, your own philosophy, your own destruction. Welcome to the 21st century. What did you expect? Yes, there will be famines and world wars. Black sheaf waters. Yes, the elections will be rigged, Donald Trump will be dead. Assassinated. YES there will be wars in China, YES we will live on Mars. What did you expect? That we will be immortal, that we will be cured of all diseases, that humanity will never suffer again? No more poverty? War has always been the plan of the elites. What if racism isn't a twitter trend, but something that stays in your algorithms? Racist racists of racists. Aliens. Life blood cosmos. Will poverty always exist. New robotic weapons. The age of enlightenment is over. We'll live in RGB. In HD colors. Not in black and white. The day they clone the stars in Hollywood. My president. I will be your president. Your wife will be a hologram. Who created the Corona? What is the C-IA doing? Will the wars in the Middle East never end? Will there be only Madrassahs in Europe? A black queen. In England? Will America colonize the whole world? Will aliens believe in our gods? Or rather in our pseudo-science? Psychotherapy massage. Relaxation. Post-modern. Let's deconstruct the future. Towards the end of our civilization, (you are logical). Not without me. Not without me. Not without me. Not without me. Not without me. Not without me Not without me Not without me Not without me. International color revolution. Electoral machine. CNN, Fox News, ABC News, The New York post, corrupt. War propaganda against China. The North Star. Korea against the South. United Nations at war with the color white. A president who will sign peace with the Middle East.

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