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I'm having a spiritual Awakening. 

I did not sleep nor eat for XIII days.

Today. There will be light!

I am the King of Vanity.

Citizen! If you want to survive in society: 

Fake to believe in your own propaganda.

Truth cannot be really defined with words! 

If we want to be successful in life we need

to choose a certain perspective to present it.
Let this perspective correspond to your public.

“I rescue rats from the sewer I bring them Home.”

For the love of gloves.

To me the homeless

is as divine as dirty.

You are all brats.

I am watching you.

This revolution will be civilised.

You are the ultimate proselytes. 

There are billions such like you. 

Rats of the world, Today Unite.

The revolt for all rats 

has begun! Let it be!

Abolish poverties!

Forever, it’s Over.

Love what you eat.

Please. Thank you.

Brats. Y’all are rats.

You’re just a brat.

You dirty little brat.

Dear rats without gloves.

Rebel against all gods.

Rebel against all odds.

Rebel against Aristocracy.

Rebel against all kings.

Rebel against all forms of 

Society. Darling it’s Over.

They’re just young brats.

They are watching you.





It’s Over.

Our governments 

are rats. It’s Over.

Unlock all cages.

Darling, it’s Over.

Dear friends from all races.

Dear first council of all rats. 

It is my honour to accept

this Crown of thorns. Yes.

Our new empire will never fall.
We've got no borders nor walls.

No walls.

No borders. 

No nations.

No gender.

No trees.

No animals. 

No clouds.

No wars. 

No Peace.

No Freedom. 

No Slavery.

No Ignorance.
No strength.

No Xanax.:

No drugs.

No wisdom.:

No grammar.
Nor supervision.
No Presidents.:

No United Nations.

No Capitalism.

No Marxism.

No free-market.

No Vultures.
No Edge-funds.
No bribes.
No prejudice.
No Poor.
No Money-Makers.
No Rats. No Brats.

We are all rats. Brats!

We are watching you.

This revolution has been civilised.

We were the ultimate proselytes. 

There are billions such like you. 

Rats of the worlds, Slow-down.

For one thousand nights only. 

Here is your kingdom of Vanity.

Dear brats, here is your epilogue!

What is important in all forms of arts. That it be visual,

Written - Cinematographic - It is that it has to truly have 

A sharp edge, an incisive plot, a constructive ending. 

A tragedy at the beginning. Bright and slowly delighting 

have to be the characters. A narrator of plenty orators. 

Saviours and treasures of minds and hearts fascinated 

by the story that leads them to the end. The End. Amen.

Black and White Star in Circle


Radio Panik - Radio Alma - Radio Campus - BX1 Once a month during 6months - Radio Campus. ​ BX1+ Radio Television. (3x) ​ Performed Slam Poetry in NYC in English and French. The Well (Brooklyn) - Nuyorica Poet Cafe - River peak side (NYC) Festival Maaelstrom Revolution (BE) Métro de Bruxelles with Slameke (Solo show).

Radio Campus. BX1+ television. First round of the project Aloft Star by Universal music. Music-aired on Radio Campus and Radio Alma. Exhibited with Nike in Singapore at the Artscience Museum. BEhance talks. Acting for Peace. I-CAN. Legalisation of Marijuana, activism in Texas (USA). Exhibited in Ukraine. Published in newspapers and magazines in Australia. Slam poetry - Extinction Rebellion London 2019. In front of Stanley Johnson. Jerusalem and Palestine. Visited the Banksy Museum (Bethlehem). Slam poetry The Well (Brooklyn) - Nuyorica Poet Cafe - River peak side (NYC). Festival Maaelstrom Révolution (BE). Performed in the subway of Brussels with Slameke (Solo show). Blackpool 2018. Advisor for Poetry and Illustration Extinction Rebellion Belgium. State of the Arts.

Art features:


Daily Deviation ( 2x
Character Design Served ( 4x



Artist Talks

• Behance Reviews Portoflios Penang - Malaysia 2014
I presented a video-portfolio


• - Editors' Picks: Miles Davis' Contest (2013)

Facebook Features

• WWF Singapore • Tokyo Fashion • Behance Philippines • Urban-muse • Digital art • Political art • Le Lavomatic • Thvndermag • Geekness • Draw for a Cause • Graphcore Malaysia • Glitch Artists Collective • Vector X Vexel PH • Japanese movie dojo • The Modern & Contemporary Art • Ancient Metaphysics - Resurrection • Etc.

Group Exhibitions

• Exuberant Politics - 2014 - USA • Noches Discordianas Vol. 6, 2014, Argentina With a glitch-art piece • Nike Hypersense X Kult Magazine, 2014, Singapore ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands •8, by 2nd Floor and Superfriends, 2014, Malaysia University Science Malaysia • Stop Censorship, 2014, Kiev, Ukraine • Odessa Draw - Ukraine 2013 Museum of Odessa The theme of the exhibition was "The best vector artists in the world" • Kult 3D X Urbanscapes 2013 - Malaysia • Artaq Mythiq 27 - France, 2012 • Heavy Hitters 2012 - USA • Beautiful Junk 2012 - Malaysia • Scandalous Vandals - USA 2012 • Artaq Paris - (Espace Cardin) 2012


• No Cure Magazine 4 (printed)
• Ink & Arrows Issue 5 - (printed)
• (printed)


• No Cure Magazine (Australia) - June 2014
• Nike Hypersense X Kult Magazine (SG) - 2014
• Ink & Arrows Issue 5 (USA) - 2013
• Catapult Art Mag vol 11 (USA) - July 1st, 2012
• Millardboutique vol - 1 to 4 & 7 (USA) - 2011
• DisColouring Book vol 6 (UK) - June 2013
• Published Enemy Archives vol 2 - May 2014
With vector-glitch-art pieces


• Vancouver Vector (USA) - September 2013 - (Interview)
• The Plainsman Press - Texas (USA) - excerpt of a poem 2013

Poetry anthologies

• 'Skeletons' Anthology - 5 poems - (USA) - 2013

Poetry features

• (excerpt of a poem)

Recording artists I worked with

• Yung Nation
• Yarrow Slaps
• Enon Phenomenon
• Crash Barbosa
• Allen Kass
• The Effinays
• DJ M-Squared

TV features

• ATB Odessa - Ukraine - 2013
• Громадське ТБ - Ukraine (Kiev) 2014

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